About Monia's Cakes




Here at Monia's Cakes we sell a variety of fresh hand made cakes, that you can enjoy with your coffee. We also do speciality cakes, with unlimited choices of flavour and design, all of our speciality cakes are prepared for individual needs of the client. So if you're looking for that cake shop to sit and enjoy your coffee with a sweet treat or cake for a special occasion like Birthday, Wedding, Christening or any other occasion make sure you stop by our shop.


Some of our products:

Strawberry Cake

Very light summer cake, vanilla sponge, layered with strawberry jam and fresh cream, finished with Fresh glazed strawberries  

Forest Moss

Monia's Cakes Best Seller. Forever. Absolutely outstanding cake, sponge fully made of Spinach, layered with Cream Cheese, and Forest Fruit jam, finished with Fresh forest fruits

Carrot Cake

Traditional, Carrot based cake, infused with cinnamon with delicious Cream cheese filling. By opinions - Best Carrot Cake in Warrington

Wedding Cakes

Tailored to your needs. Match cake theme to wedding theme easily with Monia's Cakes. Endless choice of flavours, Fit to your budget

Cream Decoration Cakes

If you prefer less sweet cakes, Cream Decoration cake is just for you!

Icing Decoration Cakes

There's no thing that can't be made out of icing. Get your favourite thing in the world, and let us make cake version of it! The only limitation is imagination.


Freshly Baked everyday light breakfast pastry 


Freshly baked everyday Rye bread.


Crunchy on the outside, soft inside. Baked to perfection, using only the best ingredients to produce a soft center and slight crisp. Various flavours. The cookie that leaves you wanting more!